1Koshovyi, S
1Ph.D. (World history), Chief consultant, Division on Relations with National Parliaments, Inter-parliamentary Relations Department of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine; Chairman of the board of Ukrainian Association of Sinologists koshovyy_serhiy@ukr.net
Kitaêznavčì doslìdžennâ 2015, 1-2:11-18
Section: History, philosophy and science of China
Language: Ukrainian

The article analyzes the historiography of the problem of Shang Yang’s reform and
State of Qin by scholars of Leiden school of sinology. Scientific papers were syste-
matized in categories according to their connection with the theme. The article defines
unexplored directions and prospects for further researches of the problem.


Keywords: Historiography, history of Ancient China, legalism, Leiden school of sinology, reforms of Shang Yang, Warring States period

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