1Shevchenko, O
1PhD, Second Secretary of the Embassy of Ukraine to the PRC htome1985@yahoo.com
Kitaêznavčì doslìdžennâ 2015, 1-2:58-63
Section: Political, social and economic development of China
Language: Ukrainian
The article is dedicated to the new Chinese diplomacy and its main challenges. New
tendencies and changes in foreign policy of Chinese Government are outlined. Governmental
reports of two sessions of NPC and CPPCC of results and plans March 2015
became a new “inflection point” to Chinese regional and global development. “One
Belt, One Road” initiative might be a new “tool” for China to provide global security
leadership in promoting worldwide stability.
Increasing its economic potential and global influence China is to face new serious
both domestic and global challenges in the nearest future.
Keywords: Chinese diplomacy, economy, Silk Road, two sessions

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