1Kirnosova, N
1PhD (Comparative literature), Associate Professor
Kitaêznavčì doslìdžennâ 2017, 1-2:73-79
Section: Chinese language and literature
Language: Ukrainian

This article is an attempt to apply the technique of textual analysis, invented by Roland Barthes, to one of the most interesting short stories in modern Chinese literature, which won the Lu Xun Literary Prize (2000) – “Wash off dust with clean water” by Chi Zijian. The author of the tale had encoded a lot of citations from myth in her text, describing the process of initiation in modern society, and the technique of textual analysis helps to reveal 5 types of codes of meaning: chronological, psychological, social, cultural and narratological.

Keywords: code, initiation, lexia, textual analysis

Full text (PDF)

  1. Barthes R. (1989), Izbrannye raboty. (In Russian).
  2. Chi Zijian (2016), Qing shui xi chen. (In Chinese).