1Kukalets, O
1Graduate student, International Relations The National University of Ostroh Academy 2, Seminarska Str., Ostroh, 35800, Ukraine oksanakukalets@ukr.net
Kitaêznavčì doslìdžennâ 2017, 1-2:47-51
Section: Political, social and economic development of China
Language: Ukrainian

The U.S. growing confrontation with North Korea is analyzed in the article and PRC’s main strategic approaches toward its cooperation with DPRK are considered. PRC’s core potential threats are determined in case of the military campaign start, facts of China’s gradual withdrawal from the Kin Jong-un regime support and the development of the dialogue with the USA to deal with the nuclear program are presented.

Keywords: Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, nuclear program, People’s Republic of China

Full text (PDF)

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