1Khomenko, O
1PhD in International Economics, Senior lecturer at Department of International Economics, Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman, 03057, Ukraine, Kyiv, 54/1 Peremohy av. khomenko@kneu.edu.ua
Kitaêznavčì doslìdžennâ 2018, 1:69-76
Section: Political, social and Economic development of China
Language: Ukrainian

This article focuses on the key theories of economic development and the modern concepts of inclusive economic development. The topic presents an analysis of the PRC’s economic policy implementation of a strategy for inclusive economic development, as well as an assessment of the results of its fulfilment. This study systematizes the main factors for inclusive development and determines their impact on Chinese economy.

Keywords: Chinese economy, economic growth, inclusive development, inclusiveness, PRC

Full text (PDF)

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