1Makohon, Y
1Doctor in Economics, Professor, Honoured Worker of Science and Technology, Vice-President of Economic Science Academy of Ukraine Professor Emeritus, Harbin Commerce University, Mariulpol State University, makogon1947@gmail.com
Kitaêznavčì doslìdžennâ 2019, 1:64-75
Section: Political, social and economic development of China
Language: Ukrainian

Over the past decades, the importance of South-East Asia in the system of international economic relations has steadily increased, especially in the basin of the Pacific Ocean. In a way, this is due to the increasing relevance of such factors as favorable geographic and military-strategic location of the states of the region, their rich natural resources. But the increasing importance of the countries of South-East Asia in the modern world is due to their political and economic development. We must also consider that South-East Asia is an integral part of the Pacific region. Whose role and significance in the development of the world economy are recognized throughout the world.
The article is relevant, because it allows us to understand the way of forming the foreign policy and the economic growth of the countries of South-East Asia in the world based on some ideological preferences. The main goal of the article is to analyze the economic activity of the countries of South-East Asia, in particular Vietnam, and to determine the prospects of trade and economic cooperation between Ukraine and Vietnam. The region of South-East Asia is heterogeneous and does not form a group of countries characterized by certain social trends of socio-economic and political development.
The article provides a thorough analysis of the development of the East Asian model at the present stage, emphasizes the main advantages and disadvantages of cooperation with the countries of South-East Asia for Ukraine, as well as the criteria for the success of the development of the Asian region as a whole.

Keywords: ASEAN, East Asian model, economic cooperation, South-East Asia, state regulation., trade and economic cooperation

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