Kucheruk, M
Kitaêznavčì doslìdžennâ 2020, 2:26-38
Section: History, Philosophy, Science and Culture of China
Language: Ukrainian

The author of this article considers the Ancient China military doctrine is extremely functional in managing the hybrid war challenges. There, from antique times exists the subtle art of military craft. That military doctrine had been holding in secret and was recondite even among the Chinese natives. The Western people have to thank the sinologists for the discovering the mysterious Asian word and the translation of the classical works that provides us with the understanding of the Ancient China military doctrine. In the investigation of the hybrid war methods that were applied by V. Lenin the author thinks that it will be appropriate to use the Sun Tzu recommendations. We have no evidence that V. Lenin ever read “The Art of War”. It may be seen as a paradox, but in practice, V. Lenin used its recommendations. For instance, “All warfare is based on deception”, “Thus, what is of supreme importance in war is to attack the enemy’s strategy”, etc. The Bolsheviks’ policy proves that the capturing of minds was the priority and the specific practical and political steps issued from that. In particular, V. Lenin always started the debates with his opponent from the ideological items. In the opposite, his adversaries were sure that the coverage of ideological issues has no sense. The another character of the Lenin’s methodology is its eclecticism. Whem V. Lenin analized Marxism he pointed on the avoiding the dogmatic perception of it and appointed that Marxs, always needed the modification in accordance with the relevant background (see the book “Left-Wing Communism”: an Infantile Disorder”). Therefore, nowadays hybrid war has the eclectic essence that combines various forms and means, even non-military. In this sense hybrid war resonates with Zeitgeist – the Globalization that conjoins all the word cultures. Also, the Globalization has made the world visible, and the methods of waging hybrid war are not the new, but revised stratagems old. Court intrigues had left the territory of kings’ palaces.

Keywords: hybrid war, Ideology, organization, propaganda, Sun Tzu, Tao, V. Lenin

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