Handziuk, O
Kitaêznavčì doslìdžennâ 2021, 1:7-15
Section: History, Philosophy, Science and Culture of China
Language: Ukrainian

The article deals with fantastic of heroes in the Chinese and Ukrainian folk tales. Many types of prose created by the people over the centuries are represented in oral folklore. Researchers of oral folk art single out prose, which is called actually artistic (fairy-tale) and include fairy tales, fables, anecdotes. Documentary or non-fairy-tale prose includes legends, legends and stories. Each of these groups has its own characteristics and purpose in everyday life. A fairy-tale is the most common story in prose. It has a specific composition about fantastic or fictional actions of the characters. This genre has ancient origins, people like it because it shows how good defeats evil. Tales of each nation have their own specifics. But the tales of different peoples have something in common. This applies to Chinese and Ukrainian fairy-tales. The tales of these peoples show the fantastic qualities of some characters. Such qualities are endowed with men and women who are depicted in fairy- tales. The heroes of some Chinese fairy-tales have such fantastic qualities that allow them to remain unharmed under any circumstances. These heroes cannot be killed with weapons, hanged, drowned and the like. In Ukrainian fairy-tales, in contrast to Chinese fair- tales, such fantastic qualities are endowed not with the main characters of the fairy tale, but with the travellers they meet on their way. And these meetings help the main characters to stay alive in critical situations and win over enemies. What unites the heroes of the fairy-tales of both nations is that thanks to these fantastic qualities, the characters win the fight for justice because they are not afraid to fight evil. Therefore, fairy-tales, where such heroes act, have a happy ending. The fantastic qualities of female characters in Chinese and Ukrainian folk tales arose after women were enchanted by someone are explained. The creature that enchanted these women may be a parent or a stranger, even a fairy animal.

Keywords: Chinese folk tales, fairy tale, fairy-tale heroes, fantastic qualities, oral folk art, Ukrainian folk tales

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