Chabak, L
Kitaêznavčì doslìdžennâ 2021, 2:103-111
Section: Political, Social and Economic Development of China
Language: Ukrainian

The article analyzes the main trends in the field of Ukrainian-Chinese tourism relations. An analysis of the research on the topic of China’s tourist popularity in Ukrainian modern scientific circles has been made. It is noted that its significant activation has been observed during the last years “before the coronavirus”. Scholars and representatives of the tourism industry then began to actively pay attention to the tourism potential of the People’s Republic of China. However, it was emphasized that most studies focused on China’s tourism opportunities in general and in most cases focused on the analysis of Chinese outbound tourism. At the same time, only a few studies included an analysis of trends in international tourism, focusing on the reasons for the increasing demand for travel to the People’s Republic of China for Ukrainian citizens. The emphasis in this article is on Ukrainian outbound tourism – travel of Ukrainians to China. In particular, the content of the attractiveness of the People’s Republic of China for Ukrainian tourists is revealed. Attention is paid to logistical and organizational factors of tourism development. A brief history of the formation and development of organized tourist trips of Ukrainians to China is given. The main factors of tourist attractiveness (economic, cultural-historical, natural, social and others) are analyzed. The influence of these factors is considered in detail (on the example of the southern Chinese province of Hainan). The analysis of the success stories of the tourism industry in 2019 was also made. The article examines the latest challenges in Ukrainian-Chinese tourism relations related to the COVID-19 pandemic. The reasons for deferred demand for travel of Ukrainian citizens to China are also considered. The current situation, dynamics and main trends in development, further opportunities and prospects were reviewed.

Keywords: factors of country attractiveness, outbound tourism, pandemic, tourism infrastructure, tourist potential

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